Goodbye Ribbon!

MSIX Hero 2.0 (Preview) has been published. In this version, the old distinctive Ribbon UI has been dropped in favor of a simpler, Fluent Design inspired layout, which also shares a few characteristics and similarities with Azure / OneDrive UI.

Several problems with Ribbon:

  • It forced me to put all control in a central top place, while several of them would work better in the places where the user expected them.
  • It provided limited spacing for showing all the tools and wizard the tools had.
  • It was simply big, and taking precious screen space.
  • It felt so old-school on Windows 10 with its new design principles (the new compact ribbon would probably help with some of these, but would on the other hand introduce other issues on its own).
  • While it definitely felt “Windows-ish”, I also wanted to introduce some kind of entity, having something special and unique to the tool, while still not shocking the user with unknown concepts and patterns.

The new UI is not the only highlight of this preview. The full changelog and some highlights are documented on the following page:

MSIX Hero 2.0 (Preview) – Blog post

Note: this version installs side-by-side with the current 1.5 branch. You can distinguish both by their icon and display text in the Start Menu:

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