Marcin Otorowski

Head of Products and Innovations at Raynet GmbH. Original author and lead programmer of RayPack / RayPack Studio.

Strong packaging and software deployment background, passion for UI/UX design. Love for .NET/.NET Core, Python and Angular. Writer of public documentation (including but not limited to Release Notes, User Guides, blogs, announcements etc.).

Master Degree Information Technology and Econometrics, also studied International Business Management at Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland – Erasmus), Mechatronics at West Pomeranian University of Technology(Poland).

MSIX-enthusiast, community member, maintainer of open-source project MSIX Hero.

Quick facts

  • I am MSIX Hero 🙂
  • Head of Products and Innovations at Raynet GmbH
  • Developer, with portfolio spanning from .NET / .NET Core, C#/VB.NET, C++, Windows Presentation Foundation + Windows Forms, SQL and NoSQL databases, Web Development (ASP.NET Core, Angular, ReactJS), scripting with Python, PowerShell, Docker
  • Speaker at various Packaging and EALM-themed events/conferences
    • You can hear my voice presenting live demos and public webinars of products and services developed at Raynet GmbH
  • I have a strong packaging background (Windows Installer, App-V, ThinApp, MSIX, migrations etc.)
  • I speak English. Ich spreche Deutsch. Mówię po polsku.
  • Great fan of classic detective novels (Agatha Christie).