I studied Mechatronics and have a Masters in Computer Science. My career in development started in 2005, when I worked as freelancer UI designer / programmer, specializing in web-based development and data integration. I have a strong packaging experience, first for my private projects and then as a consultant for Raynet. Working in many medium- and big size packaging projects let me understand challenges and issues packagers and managers have to face in order to meet the high quality requirements within dedicated time.

Being a passionate about new technologies and designs, I developed the distinctive style of RaySuite applications and I am currently the desktop UI/UX visionary within Raynet. As one of the lead RayPack developers, I implemented solutions that solve complex problems leveraging simplicity and modern user experience designs.

Quick facts

  • Technical Product Owner of RayPack Studio at Raynet GmbH
  • Team leader and lead UI Developer
  • Speaker at various Packaging and EALM-themed events/conferences
  • You can hear my voice presenting live demos and public webinars of products and services developed at Raynet GmbH
  • I am an ex-packager / consultant (Windows Installer, App-V, ThinApp, migrations etc.)
  • Selected technologies I use at my projects: Desktop + Server Development (C#, WPF, WinForms, SQL databases + ORM, WCF), Web Development (ASP.NET Core, Angular), Scripting (PowerShell)
  • I speak English. Ich spreche Deutsch. Mówię po polsku.